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We created this facility for one reason: to break the mold. This is not your typical gym with weekend certified trainers. This is not a training facility where athletes are thrown into groups of 20 kids while an intern checks their facebook and “coaches” them.

We wanted to offer something different. A facility where we go no larger than 4-5 athletes in a group and spend the whole time actually coaching and watching them. There are no interns or assistants. If you want high-level coaching from nationally recognized pro strength and conditioning coaches, you come here. We coach athletes from age 7 all the way up to current NFL players.

As more and more athletes come through our doors, we are reminded why we set it up this way. True coaching is an art. It requires discipline and attention to detail. It’s a shame to see all of the performance centers near us who have opted more for profit than product.

Every athlete is different. They will all present with their own unique anatomical variations, weaknesses, mobility (or lack thereof), sprint mechanics, injuries and so on. Because of this, they should all be given a program unique to them. This cannot be accomplished with large groups of athletes and an inexperienced coach watching over them.

With our background in physical therapy, we take a whole body approach to ensure that the athlete is not only faster and stronger but more resilient as well. Prehabilitation can go a long way in keeping athletes healthy and ready to perform.

So, where are your kids training again?

Visit our page Buffalo Sports Performance Training for more information.

Nutrition Seminar

Fall Nutrition Seminar

Upcoming Nutrition Seminar

Due to numerous requests from those who missed the previous seminar, I have started putting together another nutrition presentation for this fall. The date will be October 15th at 7pm. The cost is $20.

Some of the material I will cover is:

1.) The Meal Frequency myth – why 6 meals is not better than 3
2.) The “Clean Eating” myth
3.) Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss and Health
4.) Understanding Carbohydrate intake
5.) How to set up a nutrition program for yourself

Please call (716) 400-4869 or email (nysportscenter@gmail,com) to let us know if you will be attending.

New York Sports Center T-Shirts

His and hers New York Sports Center Dri-fit shirts are now available! Email with your size if you want me to hold one for you (

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September Training Specials

Ready to get in the gym yet? We are offering 1 free initial session for personal training clients and 1 free athletic evaluation for youth athletes. Call (716) 400-4869 or email ( to set yours up today! This will only be for the next few weeks!

Fasted Cardio For Fat Loss

Is fasted cardio all it’s cracked up to be? These studies definitely suggest that it’s the optimal way to perform cardio for fat loss and improvements in insulin sensitivity. Read to find out why you should consider fasted cardio if improved body composition is your goal. Make sure you check the article out and share if you found it useful.

Fasted Cardio For Fat Loss

Tips and Myths For Women Who Lift, Pt. 2

Here is part two of our series, “Tips and Myths For Women Who Lift.” In this article I discuss why the scale is almost useless to determine progress, provide some simple nutrition tips and give a sample full-body workout to build off the information in Part 1.

Check it out and share if you found it useful!

Read Here

Tips and Myths For Women Who Lift: Part 1

Here’s my latest article with some tips for women who lift. I discuss some common mistakes I see with their programming, how to set up your training and how much cardio you really need. Check it out and share if you found it useful!

Tips and Myths For Women Who Lift: Part 1

Weight Loss For The Beginner: Part 1

Are you a dieting dummy? A total nutrition and exercise beginner? Or are you a coach who constantly encounters people like this? If you’re a beginner, this article will help you better understand how to start your journey into a healthier lifestyle. If you’re a coach, this will help you have greater success with this type of client and allow you to increase your client base.

Read this article to get started! ——> Weight Loss For The Beginner: Part 1

Nutrition Seminar With Fred Duncan – Debunking Dieting Myths

Join us for an information packed, myth busting Nutrition Seminar with Fitness and Nutrition author, Fred Duncan. Fred’s work has been featured in Muscle and Fitness Magazine, MuscleMag International, Elite Fitness and has presented on nutrition at fitness and collegiate seminars. He has helped countless people lose weight, improve health and find a sustainable life-long eating plan.

The seminar is $30 per person and will be 1-2 hours long with plenty of opportunities for Q&A. Fred will address a lot of diet myths and contradictions while giving you tips to succeed with your own nutrition. Find out what current research tells us and why a lot of the old-truths (low-fat, breakfast is king), are old-news. This is not a sales pitch; there are no detox products or magic pills, just dieting truths. Please email to reserve a spot as they will be limited.



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